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Pests like termites, cockroaches and spiders can cause damage to your home and spread diseases. Calling a pest control company is the best way to eliminate these parasites. These tips and tricks will help you protect your home from pests.

Pest Control Services

Here are some of the many benefits of hiring a professional pest control company in Johannesburg

Safe and Complete: We use safe pesticides, disinfectants, and other chemicals. The new-age pest control methods are safer and less dangerous when used in the recommended amounts. Wear gloves if you’re disinfecting your body. You don’t have to worry about your pets or family getting hurt.

Affordable: Our pest control services are very affordable.

Customizable You can choose from different packages depending on the extent and area of the pest infestation.

Guaranteed Results: Once a pest inspection is completed, you can rest assured that your home will be pest-free for the next 4-6 months.

Following the tips above, you can prevent pests and insects from entering your home.

When to Call a Pest Control Service?

1. Imagine that you have high-humidity areas in your home. Professional pest control is required for this breeding ground.

2. If you have tried eliminating the parasites yourself, but it hasn’t worked, then it is time to contact a professional pest control company.

3. You should consider hiring a professional pest control company if you have pets or children in your home. This will ensure that they are safe and eliminate pests from your home.

Pest control is best done in prevention. Hire professional pest control professionals to maintain your property and keep pests away.

Trends in Johannesburg’s Local Pest Control

1. Termites

Subterranean termites are the most common in the north suburbs (Sandton and the surrounding areas). In recent years, there has been an increase in termite activity in Johannesburg’s East Rand.

The Harmful Termites

It is not too late to fix a termite problem once it is discovered. Termites can cause structural damage to homes that may go unnoticed for many years. This can lead to thousands of costly repairs and maintenance. For a professional termite control solution, call your Johannesburg pest control specialist.

Get Rid Of Termites

Johannesburg has pest control specialists who can help you eradicate termites from your home or office. They can provide termite control services by using chemical barriers. Preventative treatments are also available for those building a home, an office complex, or a park. Pre-construction termite prevention treats the soil to prevent termites.

2. Rats and Mice

Urbanization has led to an increase in rodent activity in Johannesburg. Bad waste disposal and easy access points are key factors in population growth. Additionally, rats and mice thrive in areas with plenty of food and shelter.

Get Rid of Rats and Mice

It is possible to use good housekeeping techniques to eliminate rats and mice. It is possible to control rodents by using good housekeeping practices. However, because of their rapid reproduction, professional mouse and rat control solutions are necessary to avoid increasing the problem. Rodents

Other common pests in Johannesburg

Bed bugs, birds, ants, and cockroaches are just a few of the pests that infest Johannesburg’s properties.


Johannesburg is a popular destination for international tourists. This makes bed bugs more likely. Heat treatment is an effective way to get rid of bed bugs quickly and safely.


Birds can spread diseases and parasites that could pose a health risk. Their acidic droppings can damage your property. Expert bird control specialists in Johannesburg are trained and qualified to provide discreet, humane and economical methods of removing birds from your property.


Did you know ants can crawl on unsanitary surfaces and land on countertops? Because ants can enter homes and ruin food, they are one of the most hated insects in Johannesburg. There are many ways to get rid of ants safely.


Cockroaches pose several health risks. They can not only damage your family’s reputation but also put your health at risk. Cockroaches can be hardy and quickly breed, so getting rid of them as soon as possible is important.

The Best Pest Control Services in Johannesburg

Are you desperate for a parasite solution? You might be proactive and prevent pest infestations. You can use Johannesburg’s best pest control companies to assist you.

1. Big Bug Pest Control Services, Johannesburg

Big Bug Pest Control is a South African business with a strong reputation for pest control and prevention. Our highly-trained staff is fully trained and has the experience and knowledge to assist you with any pest problem.

They are available to cater to the commercial, industrial, retail, and residential sectors. Big Bug Pest Control is committed to providing a solution-oriented service by listening to our customers and understanding their needs, concerns, and pest problems before recommending a solution. Big Bug Pest Control’s integrated pest management strategy is based on excellent sanitation practices. You can check them at

Services: Big Bug Pest Control offers residential, commercial and industrial services. Big Bug Pest Control is committed to providing a solution-oriented service by listening to our customers and understanding their needs, concerns, and pest problems before recommending a solution. Big Bug Pest Control’s integrated pest management strategy is based on excellent sanitation practices.

Work: fumigation and food pests, soil treatment, and weeding

2. Mvelase Pest Control South Johannesburg

Mvelase Pest Control was established in 2010 as a closed company. Its registration number is 2010/117037/23. The company is a black-owned, independent company with a Johannesburg headquarters that offers its services all over South Africa. This activity is focused on fumigation and pest control. They provide services for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. Mvelase’s goal is to give customers peace of mind by providing professional pest control services that protect and preserve their property and health while minimizing environmental impact.

Services: Pest Control

Work Focus: fumigation services, pest control services, pest control company.

3. Mashaba Group, Southern Johannesburg

Pest control teams remove unwanted insects such as termites, bedbugs, ants, and rats from buildings, homes, and other areas. They will inspect your home for signs of parasites and give you an estimate of the cost.

Services: Builders, Carpet Cleaning, Carpets, Cleaning Services, Pest Control, Upholstery Cleaning, Window cleaning

Work Center: pest control services and construction companies, window cleaning, window cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning service, mattress cleaning service. Carpet floors, floor poisoning, window washing, and floor cleaning services.

4. Dion Upholstery, New Doornfontein

The company has several projects that can reach everyone who needs them. They provide services in upholstery, plumbing, pest control and house cleaning. They aim to provide the best service for their clients, and their team includes highly skilled artisans.

Services: cleaning services, carpenters and upholsterers

Work Center: Upholstery services, fumigation, pest control, cabinet installation

5. Fumigation Worx, Turfontein

Fumigation Worx is a specialist in pest control services that are affordable and highly effective. They offer these services to residential and commercial customers across Greater Johannesburg, Sandton and Midrand. Fumigation Worx employs the most advanced techniques and industry-leading, safe and effective products to eradicate pest properties and prevent their recurrence.

Services: Cleaning materials, gardeners and pest control supplies.

Work focus: pest control services and fumigation.

Tips and Tricks for Pest Control

1. Keep your kitchen clean

Parasites thrive when there is moisture and dirt. To prevent pest infestation, keep kitchen counters, stoves and drawers clean. You can clean them with a disinfectant. Food particles can attract more insects if left out in the open. Although this tip will not solve your pest problem, it will help reduce the number of insects in your home. It is important to clean up after pest control to prevent your home from becoming infested.

2. Make sure the bathroom is spotless

Many apartment pest control tips don’t include bathroom pest control tricks and tips. Bathrooms are subject to the same rules. Make sure your bathrooms are clean and dry. Clean the toilet bowl every other day with a toilet bowl cleaner. The sink should be cleaned at least once weekly using a strong bathroom cleaner. Make sure the shower curtain is clean and dry. Keep the drain clear of hair and soap particles. Cover it all the time. These little steps will ensure that your bathroom is clean and free from parasites for a longer time.

3. Don’t allow the water to stagnate

In stagnant water, mosquitoes and other parasites can breed. Clear away stagnant water from your home. This can lead to mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever or malaria. When not in use, keep the buckets in the bathroom dry. This is also true for kitchen utensils. Do not place a container underneath an air conditioner that drains water. You can use a hose or other methods to drain the water as soon as it arrives. You can also empty the boat and clean it every day. You should ensure that there is no standing water in your home. These home remedies can be used to eliminate pests.

4. Take care of your garden

Fill holes or wells in your lawn or garden where water can collect. Regularly clean a garden fountain or pond. To prevent wild and bushy growth, you should prune your plants. To avoid pests like ants, rats, and mosquitoes, take care of your garden.

5. Avoid storing fruits and vegetables for too long

Overripe fruits and vegetables attract flies and other insects; avoid keeping cut and ripe fruits outside the refrigerator for too long. Although some pests are not harmful, such as fruit flies and house ants, they can attract bigger problems like beetles and ants.

6. Regularly dispose of your waste

It’s not difficult to clean up after pest control. It is best to dispose of waste every day. A garbage buildup can cause rodents, rats and cockroaches infestation. You may also find food particles and rotten materials all over your house. This can spread the disease to pets and children.

7. Items of external use should be kept out

You will likely have garden furniture, shoes, buckets and other gardening items if you have a lawn or garden. These items should be kept outdoors. Unknowing these items inside can bring many parasites to your home. Toys such as bicycles and battery-powered cars that kids can use outside are also a problem. You should keep them outside in a garage or other open space and ask your children not to bring them inside.

8. Window screens should be fixed

To keep pests out, place mosquito nets on windows. These mosquito nets provide ventilation and help prevent pests from entering. This is an effective way to keep pests away from your home. To prevent pests from entering your home, ensure that broken glass is replaced as soon as possible. You should also inspect all doors and repair them if necessary to improve the effectiveness of your measures.

9. Get rid of everything you don’t use

Tidy up your house. This is an important tip for controlling pests. Get rid of any unused boxes or toys that your children have outgrown. These items are a hot spot for germs and insects. You can either throw away or sell items like old strollers, shoes and packing materials. You may have difficulty deciding whether you should throw away something. What will you do with the item in three months? If it is not, it’s time for you to throw it out.

10. Get in touch with a professional pest control company

Although these measures can reduce pests in your house, they are not enough to eliminate them. Pest control services can eliminate these parasites. Our pest control professionals are highly trained and can use proven chemicals and other measures to protect you and your family.


Pest control refers to the management or regulation of a specific pest species. Any animal, plant, or fungus that negatively impacts human activities and the environment is considered pest control. The extent of damage done will determine the human response. This can range from deterrence and management to trying to eradicate the parasite. As part of an integrated pest management strategy, pest control measures may be used.



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